Nice Kudo

“The painter was at my house today, and as he was leaving he asked if I decorated the living room. He said it was so well done and he especially liked the tall pictures on the landing. (below) I told him that I couldn’t take credit, but gave it to you! Thought you might like another kudo.”


I received this email recently from a client. She had contacted us back in November, wanting to schedule us to come and assist her in placing/hanging art.  She had recently aquired a lot of art from her mother, and in addition to what she herself already had in place,  that added up to lots of pictures.   She needed time to get it all together, so we scheduled it for early January.

This falls under the “As You Wish” option, where the client basically “buys the hour“.  When we scheduled our meeting, the client told us to plan on about two hours.  When we arrived, she mentioned she wouldn’t mind rearranging her living room furniture; that it had been years since that had been done.  As all of us know, one thing leads to another….and the art was figured out, most of it hung, and we (the three of us: Client, Trish  and I) had rearranged the living room for an entirely new look. (below)


The client is especially  fond of the piece of art above the couch,and since it is a vertical piece, we needed some things to balance out either side.  She had two plate racks, complete with three plates each, elsewhere in the room (only one rack is visible in the picture).  They were just the ticket for balancing out the arrangement over the couch. The console table, along with a centered lamp, gives a nice presence in the room with the picture window as a backdrop.  We thought the beautiful area rug would like nice in front of the couch, but when placed there- well…-it just didn’t do it.  Placed under the console table, it has found a home – it grounds that space.  The chair, found in the basement, has taken on it’s new position in the living room proudly. 


Books were stacked on the mantle to raise the height of the perky pot of flowers (below).  The flowers can be switched out seasonally. Although the mirror is hung, the pressed flower picture is layered in, and just leaning against the mirror, adding interest and depth.


Within a couple of days, we received this note:

“Thank you both so much for helping me dress my digs.  We started with pictures but ended up with an amazing decorating job.  The living room is beautiful.”

And then, yesterday, the note at the beginning of this post, with the painter’s compliment. 

 This was really fun – because our New Friend (the client)  helped us with the entire thing!

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