The Office

Think big desk, two matching "client" chairs, a bookcase, credenza, and two 2-drawer file cabinets.  

Got it?

You don't have to picture anything more -

because that's all there is.

 Or, that's all there was.

But, no more.  This young businessman was looking to change all that by adding a few accessories to make his work space more functional, and heck yea, more personal.   Small budget, small amount of time - why yes, we can do that! (By the way, this is an office in a professional building, not a home office)

Here's the space before:

Before: Kinda Bare



After viewing the space, we agreed upon the best furniture arrangment: same thing basically with just a few tweaks here and there.  We would save that for the day that we came back to put it all together.  Let's go over what we need :

1) Area rug (to add color, texture, and warmth, and we found one at Hobby Lobby)

2) Large piece of wall art to go above credenza (more art would be added later by the client)

3) Accessories 

Remember, the client wanted to keep his costs waaaaay down, so the "large piece of wall art" could be tricky.  But never fear: after showing him a couple of ideas on Pinterest, he was off and running - the adventuresome guy DIYed his own art! 

20/20 project!

I'm calling it a 20/20 Project:  20 minutes, $20.

The frames are full-length mirrors from Walmart at $5 each.  A map was purchased at the office supply store (under $10) cut in half, and glued directly on top of the mirrors using spray adhesive.  The client claims it took him all of 20 minutes. This is a great project to fill up a big piece of wall space in a very economical way!

Moving on to accessories: Fortunately, we found most of our purchased items at one estate sale, and here's how it went down:

Estate Sale purchases


Estate Sale Purchases



All of the above items cost $30 from one estate sale.  A few additional items were purchased at Hobby Lobby, and a few things gathered up from the client's home.

Next, we met at The Office, and put it all together!

It's done!

Estate sale finds 






So this office went from blah to pretty darned inspiring with just a little cash and some elbow grease.

 And we wish this client much success in his new digs!

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