Put a Tray Under It


If you want a super-simple, quick fix to add style and function to a space - trays can win lots of mileage for little effort.

Any horizontal surface in your home could most likely benefit from the addition of a tray.  Whatever is on the surface - put a tray under it!  Fancy or plain:  there are styles for all tastes.


For the Living Room:  Trays look wonderful on coffee tables.   A large tray on the coffee table could hold something rather tall or sculptural along with a few stacked books topped with a smaller item like a decorative  bird.   (Remotes even look good when added to a collection of things on a tray.) A side table next to a chair can get a nice punch of style by placing a lamp on a tray – leaving room to set a drink.


 Photo:  Bright on the Day


Photo: Finding Home

For the Bedroom:   Perfect for dresser tops to hold odds and ends.  On the tray include a small container to hold loose change, another small dish or tray for jewelry.    Anything setting on the dresser top will look neater and more intentional when corralled by a tray.



Photo:  BHG

For the Bath:  Take a look at your counter in your bath – whatever is there, put a tray under it!  Yes, even a can of hairspray and a container holding toothbrushes would go from  “ho hum “ to “Hey, that looks nice!” when  gathered in on a tray.



 Photo:  Real Simple


For the kitchen:  Same idea - group some of the items that are normally living on your counter onto a tray.


 Photo:  Finding Home


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Where do you find trays?  What kind to choose?  The first place to look is in your kitchen.  You may have just the thing already in the cupboard.  Any store with home décor will have a wide assortment to choose from – and thrift shops are a great place to shop for trays.  Everything from wood, wicker,  rustic metal,  beautiful silver…take your pick.    Don’t’ worry about the style of tray “matching”  your décor – an eclectic look usually works out just fine.   And remember, you can always give a tired tray a new look with a couple of coats of spray paint.

So, hey, try a tray!

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