Really, What is a Consultation?

"As You Wish".

This is what we call our consulting option, which we charge by the hour (or portion of).  A large part of our work with clients falls under this category.

I've blogged about it before, but I will give you a little sampling of three different consultations I have done in the last 10 days. I will (cleverly!) call them Client #1, Client #2, and Client #3. 

Client #1: She is planning some paint changes.  When I arrived, she already had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do, she just wanted me to confirm her choices, and help her narrow things down.  Living/dining/kitchen all flow together.  She is considering grey.  Should she paint an accent wall?  If so, what color?  At Dress Your Digs, we are of course interested in your home looking the best it can, but we are even more interested in your LOVING the way your home looks, feels, and functions. Having never been in her home before, I needed to visit with Client #1 a bit to see what she likes, is drawn to, is comfortable with/uncomfortable with, to really give some suggestions on that accent color. (This is a perfect time to remind you that our motto at Dress Your Digs is:  "Your Stuff, Your Style". Catchy, no?)  A run through the rest of her home, and her commentary about things as we toured, helped me to learn her style.  We also looked at a bedroom and a bath to choose paint colors.  


After talking paint, I gave Client #1 some ideas on styling, art placement, and some ideas regarding the fabulous  matching niches she has in her living room. One hour packed with lots of information!  And, a great bonus for me:  I fell in love with a statue in one of her bedrooms - and, amazingly, she gave it to me!  Can you believe that? We have the most thoughtful clients, truly.


Moving on to Client #2: She and her family moved into their lovely home several months ago, and they are now ready to add the personal touches that will make it their own.  Kitchen, dining, living room, foyer, master bedroom, and office. Window treatments, art, rugs -they have allocated a budget to  purchase needed items. We talked about their taste, style, etc.  We made a plan of which room to complete first (living room) and that will give a nice feeling of accomplishment to them - to have a room all set up that they love - and then will give them the boost they need to keep going.  It can seem overwhelming until you break it down into do-able chunks.  I will go shopping with the Client #2 and we will get going on this project!  We also moved the dining table to center it under the chandy, and moved the grandfather clock to a more suitable spot.  

Here's a little sneek peek of a project in the works for Client #2:


Not to impressive, is it?  Not in the present state. We are planning a 3-D frame collage with these estate sale frames.  Stay tuned for the results!

Client #3: She and her hubs are retired, and they are downsizing.  Health reasons for her husband necessitates that they live all on one floor.  And, fortunately, they planned for this day years ago - and own a very cute little 100 year old home, just a couple of blocks away, that they have been renting out.  Compared to the 4-level home they have lived in for 30 years, their new living space will be cut in less than half.  They are cheerfully gutting the "new" old house - and all at once have to choose paint, flooring, lighting, fixtures - you name it.   So, this client wanted  help choosing, making sense of all of the choices looming before her.  We toured her current home, so I could get a sense of what her style is, (let's say that motto altogether now: "Your Stuff, Your Style".  Good!)  asked her lots of questions, we went over to the "new" old house to see it, then started planning how best to incorporate her style, and to help her new home flow seemlessly.  By the time I left, she had made a lot of decisions, felt great about them, and felt even better to have her head cleared and to have mentally crossed off a big chunk of stuff off of her "to do" list.


And so, friends, this is a small sampling of what we do at a consultation, or an "As You Wish".

What are your wishes for your home?

 Call us and we will come and help you get on the track to make them come true! 







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