Settle Down and Settle In!

We recently had a fun one-hour appointment with someone who had just moved into a  (new-to-them) house.  This is a busy young family with young children, and another on the way.   Someone had purchased for them a Dress Your Digs Gift Certificate, good for one hour of our services – to ease the burden (just a little!) of settling into new digs.  What a thoughtful house-warming gift!

We had told this client: You have us for an hour!  Put us to work with whatever would make you feel the most settled!

She listened, and she was ready.  She wanted her china cabinet filled and styled, and if there was time, perhaps the mantel, and if there was still time….maybe the built-in shelving on either side of the fireplace. She had all of the possibilities of items to use laying out on the dining room table.

Trish and I decided to divide and conquer.  One of us stayed in the dining room and worked on the china cabinet, the other left for the family room.  When the china cabinet person finished, then we worked together in the family room.

A lot was accomplished in one hour!  The client was there, so we were able to ask her “Do you like this?  Do you like that?” as we worked.  We also had a couple of really sweet little ones who liked watching us work and they were fun to talk with!

Here’s the china cabinet, after: (Sorry – we don’t have any “befores”, just picture it entirely empty!



Family room, after (below).  For a “before”, just picture nothing on the shelves, nor on the mantel, nor hanging on the wall.


Here’s a close-up of of one of the built-ins:


The finished fireplace mantel is below. The clients did have several pieces of art that were a big larger than these two, but we decided to use them in a collage on another wall (scroll down).  Neither of the two remaining were large enough to use solo, and in order to use them together and get them to balance, we raised one up with books.



And, a further back view: (We took an area rug from under the dining table, and added it here – to ground the space).


We even had time to arrange and hang a collage in the family room! (Below) These two beautiful paintings were done by family members




And that, folks, is 60 minutes with Dress Your Digs!

Maybe you would like to purchase a housewarming gift for someone?  Or maybe for yourself?  Call us!




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