Treasures from EcoStores

 Many cities have them.

 Stores that sell good quality, low cost materials, to be used a second time. 

Lincoln has EcoStores Nebraska, located at 530 West P Street.

 Their mission: (from their website)

To provide a chance for good material to be reused, to be an economical alternative for the community and reduce building material landfill waste. 


And I love shopping there!  Sometimes I go in with something specific in mind that I'm looking for, others times I just stop in to check things out - never know what you might find.

They have everything from shutters, doors, oak floors, hardware, paint, to light fixtures, cabinets, name it!  And the inventory is ever-changing.

And so,  I'm going to share with you some of my treasures from EcoStores Nebraska.

I purchased some gray exterior paint for $3, and updated this armoire  (previously stained) that we keep on our screened-in porch - full of blankets:


 Not bad for three bucks, right?

 Recently they had a bunch of Krylon spray paint - brand new - for $2/can.  Now that was  a fun shopping day!  Here's an outdoor chair (again, on my screened-in porch) sporting it's new coat of paint: (The chair belonged to my grandparents - it's OLD, but ever-sturdy)


And, still more $2 spray paint - this time, white, and on my front porch.

(The wicker had already been white, but needs repainted every few years) 


 Yes, more $2 spray paint, the glossy white edition.  I sprayed a little bamboo cabinet and small chair that I have had forever, and put them in my living room:


These  are my twin lamps (Goodwill $5 for the pair). They were a peach/salmon shade and brass combination when I bought them, and they looked liked this:


I sprayed them with $2 paint from the Eco store, and this is how they look now: 


I found some fun globes to update the 3 hanging pendants over my kitchen island.  I purchased 2 globes that are the same, and one that is different - hanging the two identical ones on either end: (they were $3 each)


And the one that is different in the center: ($2)


Only problem is, the two on either end made it so much brighter (with the bulb so exposed) and my husband couldn't stand it.  So down they came - and the old ones went back up.  So, I found some other good places to use my EcoStore light globes:

Here's one spot...repurposed as a sweet little terrarium:


And, I used the other globe on a wall sconce - don't have a picture to show you, sorry!

Haven't found a spot for that center white one yet, but I probably will. 

 Trish painted this dresser for her mudroom   - and got the knobs at EcoStore for 50 cents each: (Sorry, the picture isn't too clear, but I think you get the idea.)


 Backing up a little, here's a peek inside my EcoStore shopping cart.  Yes, there are the pendant globes, the spray paint,  (which we've already talked about all of those things) and a pair of outdoor,  brass light sconces.  I bought the sconces for $10 each, took them home and sprayed them a glossy black, and I am chomping at the bit waiting patiently for my husband to switch them out for the current sconces on either side of our front door.

0504131109.jpgI promise to show you a picture when the "new" scones are in place. (Ahem)

 Well, looky here.   Oh boy, Trish could be a saleslday for the light fixture section! By the way, she bought a real beauty that day - which I don't have a picture of - but I hope to share with you when she gets it hung up.  (And YES, Trish is going to have a baby soon!)


 And that's my report on the fun little treasures I've purchased at the EcoStore.  I encourage you to check it out!


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