Unusual Shopping Items

While Trish and I  were working on a living room/dining room job recently, we found some items while we were “shopping” in the client’s family room that really made the living/dining space pop.

The Digs is a gracious and spacious and rambling 50′s ranch, with an L-shaped living/dining combo.  Besides this spacious-ness and gracious-ness and rambling-ness, the standout feature is (or ARE) the windows.  Lots of big, tall, wide, windows.  Honestly you feel as if you are outdoors while in this living room.

The client is planning to install a corner fireplace, with the TV above it, in the near future. So we kept that in mind and pretended it was already there.  The couch and loveseat formed a nice sitting/conversation/TV & fireplace viewing area, we brought in an area rug from the family room.  The family had a table in the living room also, for use in studying, reading, projects, puzzles, etc.  Here's the space, before:


Trish and I really liked the little “nook” created between the back of the couch and wall. (upper right side of pic above)  It had great potential as a cozy and inviting space.  This was a great spot for the table, but more was needed.  So….we went shopping and hit the jackpot in the family room! 

Check out this picture of the family room. (below) This is not the space we worked on, but the client gave us permission to “shop” this room.  We took two things from this room on our shopping trip, can you guess what they are?   (Think about the living room  nook just waiting to become cozy and inviting.)



 We took the red bookcase!  (But, not until we phoned the client to ask her permission.)  She said “Sure!” So Trish and I got busy moving books.

We love the way the bookcase looks in the living room! (below, left & right) There’s a nice library feel going

on, the redgives a nice burst of color surprise, the space says “Come on in! Read! Sit! Ponder! Slow down!”


Here's another after view: (Notice the books in the hutch:  Chosen by color)


Now back to all those big, beautiful, rectangular windows.  There is a little bit of wall space between the windows in the living room and dining area, which which was screaming for something BIG, since the windows are BIG.   Shopping again, and back to the family room.  Can you now guess what the second thing is that we snitched from this room? (below)



Notice the circular coffee table. (above) Very unusual with the scrolling and twirling pattern.  However it wasn’t too functional – the glass was missing.  Wouldn’t that large circle look amazing on that bit of wall space?  Taking a closer look, it appeared that the legs could be removed without a great deal of fuss.  So we pitched the idea to Mr. Client, who was puttering around the house, and it was fine with him. We phoned Mrs. Client, and after some consideration, she said “Go ahead!” So Mr. Client removed the legs and hung the circle on the wall for us.  It’s just what that spot needed! (below)


 With all of the right angles going on with the big windows, the circle is a welcome relief and looks stunning. The very best part is, the coffee table is not ruined – at any time the legs could be screwed back on.  Here’s another view of the new “circle art”, this view is from the kitchen: (below,)


And in case you’re wondering about the family room looking empty after our shopping spree, we brought up a very sweet children’s table and chairs from the basement to fill in the space; Mrs. Client had mentioned  that they would be happy to have the set in the family room.  The moral of this story: Don’t be afraid to shop your own house – and think outside the box!

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