What Does a Digs on a Dime Look Like?

Trish and I did a “Digs on a Dime” party last week. 
This is the short version of the Dream Digs, or the express option.

How does it work?

The party was hosted by Mrs. P, at her house (of course).  We agreed on an evening, set the time.  Trish and I sent some questions to Mr. P. a few days ahead, to ponder, consider, and ask her family about.  Things like “How do you use this room currently?”  “What is your favorite thing about this room?” “What do you like least about this room?” etc.

Mrs. P invited some friends to the party, telling them she was having a “Digs on a Dime Party with Dress Your Digs.

Party night came, 7:00PM.  Eight gal-pals were there,  Mrs. P. offered them each a beverage of choice. We gathered in the living room, which was the room to be worked on.  Trish and I introduced ourselves, Dress Your Digs, and then asked Mrs P. the questions that we had sent her previously to consider.

We also asked the same questions of Mr. P.

Seems they were happy with their living room as it was,  (lower right)  however would like to have it a bit more accomodating for conversation, perhaps byplacing the furniture closer together.before61-300x169.jpg

Then, it was “Ladies, off to the kitchen!” (which was closed off with sheets, so they couldn’t peek) where they yacked and ate and drank.

Trish and I set the timer and worked for one hour.

Timer went off, ladies came back in,  everyone seemed to like it – but…

we wanted Mrs. P. to like it, no?

And she did!

Furniture had been pulled in for a conversation area with the fireplace as focal point, and bookcases brought from upstairs to fill in the newly exposed walls.

And that is a Digs on a Dime!






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