Will She, or Won't She? (Paint, That Is)

Last night, Trish and I had a consultation with a client who is having us do a “Dream Digs” on three rooms of her main floor spaces:  Living, Room, Dining Room, and Foyer.  The three rooms are quite large, and sort of flow into one another, in a big “L” shape.  We will be doing a makeover on the spaces, using the client’s owns furniture and accessories.  It will be several weeks before we do the makeover because the client has a bit of work to do, and decisions to make, before we come back.

During the consultation, she told us how she would like the rooms to function, what she likes about them now, what she doesn’t like about them now, where additional furniture pieces and various accessories are located in the house that we could possibly incorporate.  She has a large extended family that visits often, so she wants the rooms to seem connected, yet each cozy.  She likes the art hanging in the rooms now, but doesn’t like where they hang.  She is ready for some changes.

And then, the more we talked, she shared her real dream:  Adding color via paint, or curtains.  Her walls are currently off-white, furniture is all off-white or neutral, and beautiful wood floors, and dark woodwork.  So then our conversation took off into an entirely different direction.  Paint colors, window treatment options, etc.

This client wants to think about this all a bit more.  If she does decide to paint, she wants to do it before our makeover.  Same thing with the curtains.

In Dressing Her Digs, Trish and I could really shake things  up and shape things up, hopefully  getting the look and feel that this client is longing for  (without painting and getting new window treatments.).  However, since she was already considering the paint and/or curtains, talking with us about it was beneficial – we could help her think through her options, and offer suggestions.  She had lots to say about what her color preferences are, but was seeking direction about how to sort that all out, what would look good with her current furniture, rug, etc.

In any case, we left this client with an assignment:  Go through her art, furniture, and accessories, and make lists (or piles!) of items that she absolutely wants included in the rooms, and a list of things that are “optional.”

This will be a fun job.  Each job we have is so different – because we each client’s tastes are different.  And Trish and I try really so hard to find the client’s style, and respecting it.  Thus our motto, Your Stuff, Your Style!

If you live in the Lincoln, NE area – contact us – we would love to help you give YOUR rooms a new look! Call us!


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