As You Wish!

One of the options offered by Dress Your Digs is “As You Wish”.

What in the heck is that?

Well, in the As You Wish option,  the client calls the shots on how she wants us to help.  We can consult, look at paint samples, arrange bookshelves, collections, or move furniture around and redesign a room, working alongside the client.  Here are a few recent examples of how this option was utilized:

A Surprise Bedroom Redesign for a Teenaged Girl: The mom of this young lady wanted to surprise her daughter, re-doing  her bedroom when the daughter was going to be away for a few days. The mother did lots of sneaky prep work, even somehow getting her daughter to choose a paint color, fabric, etc. The mother did lot of garage sale shopping, and enlisted help for the “Big Day” from her daugher’s friends. (All a big “SHHHHHHHH!!“)

I went to consult with the mom weeks before the event, we plotted and planned,  keeping our eyes on the young lady’s interests, as well as a tight eye on the budget.

The “Big Day” was a lot of fun!  Pleasant, giggling, hardworking young ladies arrived ready to work and did everything turning an entire wall into a giant  fabric padded bulletin board, (below) to spray painting an end table, to adding lace to a curtain, to decorating a bed side lamp, to arranging a picture collage.



The young cowgirl was thrilled with her new room, as well as the Surprise Reveal Party upon her return home.  This was truly a Friends & Family edition!


AnotherAs You Wish example: “Walk through my entire home with me!”

A recent As You Wish gig had us walking through a client’s entire home, room by room, as she carried a note pad and pen.  In each room, she told us what was working what wasn’t working, and what she was just plain tired of.  Trish and I offered suggestions from small to large in terms of ways to change things around.  We didn’t roll up our sleeves and move things around on this one – just gave plenty of ideas.  The client was grateful to have two new sets of eyes looking at her furnishings and offering suggestions.

“Arrange My Shelves”: A client may call and say she has some bookshelves in her living room, as well as a shelf above her kitchen stove, and they all need some “punch!” Bookshelves styled in an interesting way can really give a room a “finished ” look.  This would fit into the As You Wishcategory. .

Help me arrange my family room” A client may want to be involved in rearranging her room, but would like someone to help her and give ideas, as we work side by side with her..  This is As You Wish.

A client has a collection of family photos that she would love to display, but where?  How?  As You Wish!Call us and we’ll come help  you.

I’m sure you get the idea.  With the As You Wishoption, the sky is the limit!

What are YOUR wishes? Contact us, and we'll try our hardest to make them come true!


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